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# Debut Chart
90 May '68 Hot 100


We'll climb every mountain (mountain) And we search high and low We'll follow every byway And every path we know

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We'll climb every mountain (mountain) Ford every stream We follow every rainbow Till we find our dream (A dream) a dream (that will need) Is something that all men have (All the love you can give) This is what makes life meaningful Listen (every day of your lives) Every day of your ??? lives Every day you breathe (For as long as we live) As long as you live ????????? (Climb every mountain) Climb every mountain (Ford every stream) And you must ford every stream Listen to this part (Follow every rainbow) You'll follow every rainbow (Till we find our dream) Follow, go on and climb Climb every mountain ???? You can always go on and on and on ??? Climb on until you find That one thing, a dream We can make it baby


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