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Lyrics by: James Brown
# Debut Chart
52 May '68 Hot 100
13 Jun '68 R&B


Talking about me leaving America You got to be crazy Man, I like all the nice things, Jack Continental suits and things Lookie here Now I'm sorry for the man Who don't love this land Now black and white, they may fight But if the enemy come, we'll get Together and run em out of sight Now lookie here The sun don't come out in rainy weather But when you boil it down They're still together Now let's not overlook the fact That we're, we're still in reach You've got a chance to make it And you've got freedom of speech Say what you wanna Tell em how you feel There may be a lot of places A lot of places that you'd like to go But believe me, if you get an education You can't blow, you can't hardly blow Dig this Now you tell me if I'm wrong America is still the best country And that's without a doubt America's still the best country Without a doubt And if anybody says it ain't You just try to put em out They ain't going nowhere You got a good fight Well, I tell you one time When I was a shoeshine boy Every word I said, I meant But name me any other country You can start as a shoeshine boy And shake hands with the President It ain't gonna happen, you got To have that royal blood to make it And I ain't got nothing royal but me

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I can't take the chance So I'm gonna stay home Now lookie here I got a brand new jet When I need to move A soul brother made it Now ain't that a groove So lookie here, brothers and Sisters and friends, dig this So quit your dreaming all night Stop pitying yourself and Get up and fight Don't give out, you might Give up but don't give out Or if you give out, don't give up Just don't quit going I mean like keep it moving You know, cause if you stop Like the ball quit rolling Now we got tunes that carry us From Florida to Rome But you know there's one Thing we'll never forget America's still our home Hit it, band God bless America I'm talking about me too You know, I'm American myself I like that kind of thing


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