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Lyrics by: Mary Wells, Cecil Womack
# Debut Chart
65 May '68 Hot 100


You're the cause of my condition, baby My life is in your hand You're the doctor and I'm the patient, baby Why don't you help me if you can I'm gonna leave you now My ????? go around Cold blood didn't put me down Love reaction can pick me up Why don't you lend your tender touch I've got to have you now You stand there, shake your head, oh baby Ease on ??????? bed That girl's gonna die a ?????????? You know to yourself you're the victim now

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(Pick me up) (Pick me up) (Pick me up) (Ooh pick me up now) What have you got to lose? Only a few words will save one life No, don't do it baby - help me Don't walk out that door I can feel my heart goin' slow If you moved on once and forever You can pull the covers ??????? Without another Pick me up Come on, pick me up I feel like I wanna ????? Hmmm hmmm, help me Don't leave me, baby Come on, let me do it again, more Hmmm hmmm Come on, help me [FADE]


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