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# Debut Chart
23 Feb '68 R&B
96 Mar '68 Hot 100


Well, I'm drifting and drifting Like a ship out on the sea And I've been drifting and drifting, baby Drifting just like a ship out on the sea

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Oh, and you know I ain't got nobody now, baby In this great big world To care for me If my baby would only Take me back again I wish my, my, my, my baby Would stop fooling around And take me back again Well, you know, you know I messed around out here Now, baby, yeah, let me tell you I don't even have no friend I gave you all of my money, baby Tell me what more can I do Lord, after I gave you All of my money, baby Pray tell me, what more can I do Yeah, I know you may be a Good little girl sometimes now, baby But I'm standing here to tell you I know you'll never be true And that is why That is why I got to say Bye bye, baby, yeah Bye bye, baby Lord, bye bye bye Bye bye bye, baby Baby, bye bye Oh, Lord, I know I know it's too late to worry Lord, too late to cry Oh, yeah, cry


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