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91 Mar '68 Hot 100


Hey, funky, funky North Philly That's where I used to live

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There's a street in North Philly Name of the street Is funky, funky Diamond Street Hey, funky, funky Diamond Street On down the street There's an apartment building Name of the apartment building Is funky, funky apartment building Hey, hey Funky, funky apartment building Hey, let me hear everytime In this aprtment building There's a staircase Name of the staircase Is funky, funky staircase, hey Ease to the saxophone solo Go ahead, play Funky, funky saxophone solo In the funky, funky apartment Yeah, at the end of the staircase There's an apartment Name of the apartment Is funky, funky (pad) How'd you know Funky, funky pad Open the door Get a whiff of the smell All the food that's been Cooked in all them greens Black-eyed peas, fried chicken Fried fish and everything In the next room There's a bed Name of the bed Funky, funky bed Play that organ In my funky, funky apartment Funky, funky bed, yeah I wanna rest my head On the funky, funky bed Cause I been working hard Eight hours a day Sweating hard Gonne rest my head Name of my head Funky, funky (head) Yes, indeed Gonna put down And rest my head Got to go to work in the morning Just let me rest my...


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