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Lyrics by: Buzz Cason, Mac Gayden
# Debut Chart
97 Jan '68 Hot 100


Bluebird on my shoulder Has flown away That old wind blows so much colder On my sunny day I wonder (I wonder) How many hearts Tear apart, 'til the ???? I wonder (I wonder) How many fools Will be left standing In the crying line All this ???????? All these ??????? They ??????? for a million years

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God bless this loneliness (I ????) nor for the lonely Every love again (Doo doo doo, ahhh ahhh) (Doo doo doo, ahhh ahhh) Picture how it used to be And watch yourself cry Picture my reality (???) We live ????? Just people just like us With the ???? It can't fight the ?????? I wonder (I wonder) how long These hearts ???????? God bless the million tears (Falling down) they ???? Of a million years God bless this loneliness (I am ?????) nor will the lonely Ever love again Lord I'm so lonely God bless a million tears (Falling down) they're all a part Of the misery (????) God bless this loneliness Now will the lonely ever love again God bless [FADE]


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