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# Debut Chart
93 Jan '68 Hot 100


Whoa baby Whoa oh oh, baby You don't know what you're missing (Missing) Until you try my heart waits anxiously (????) Oh, let me show you how it feels To be loved by someone who really loves you So give my love a try Baby, give my heart a try (Give my love a try) Whoa oh oh oh, baby baby baby Ohh, ohh ohhh

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Yes I will, not just for a while But for eternity Oh, ???????? we will love Baby, like you never had It won't ever make you blue or sad So give me a chance Let me prove my love to you If I won't do baby You can find someone new Baby, baby, give my love a try Try my huggin' and kissin' Yeah, baby (Give my love a try) Find what you've been missin' Oh oh, baby, yeah baby! Give my love a try! Oh, oh baby [FADE]


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