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31 Aug '68 Hot 100


Dont stop the music, we just started to move! We missed a few cities, now, we gotta put em in the groove! Over in Chicago, theyre really jumpin Down in Baltimore, they tell me theyre foot stompin People are really rockin, in Nashville, Tennessee If you wanna get in the groove, boy You gotta come on with me, yeah! Cross the Mississippi, into Kansas City town Kick them hips, shake em now, yeah And what theyre puttin down, hey You oughta see em, huh!, they move it! You oughta be with em, they groovin You gotta feel that thing in your feet You gotta move your hips with that beat! You gotta feel it now, ah-yeah-yeah! You gotta, uh-ah-uh-ah-ah-ah-uh-ah-ah-ah Uh-ah-uh-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, Hey! I wanna say it, YEAH -

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Sax solo- Hey, bring it on back now We gotta move to St.Lou Chicks down there now, they got to boogaloo Now when it comes to dancin Or just havin a ball, New York and Philly Is the king of the all! But look-a-here, dont put Detroit down Its the home of the Motown sound You gotta feel it, you gotta groove Gotta move it now, feel it in your bones, boy Gotta it goin down home.................


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