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1968 - Pop
Lyrics by: Jimmy Webb
# Debut Chart
29 Feb '68 Hot 100


When you see some Mud upon the ground You lay down so she don't Have to walk around

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You think that will Protect her from the rain But you'll never ever Stop the pain [CHORUS] She walks all over you (She walks all over you) You know she can (She knows she can) You're the carpet man You're the carpet man You take such care to Keep that girl's feet clean Like she's some kind of figurine The world's so far below her It's not her scene And so she uses you To stand between [repeat CHORUS] I would think you'd get tired Of hurtin' every now and then (Every now and then) It's lonely down there That's for certain And carpets do get thin And that's when they Have to be thrown away That's what she'll say To herself some sunny day And she'll say Come to my wedding And of course, you do And then the groom and her Will have a dance on you [repeat CHORUS] Carpet man, carpet man...


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