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95 Dec '67 Hot 100


Somebody is sleeping in my bed A funny thing to say but it's the truth, huh Somebody, yeah, is sleeping in my bed Oh yeah, yeah I know I should've been there But I was someplace else instead Lord have mercy, yes I was And then ????? so bad I had myself a real good one To hear my every call I acted a fool ?????? For leaving no reason at all And now I can't get over losing her And I know it's all my fault

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She begged and she pleaded with me To sit down and have a little talk Even when I was gone She sat back and she cried all alone And that's why somebody's sleeping in my bed Oh yes it is now Oh! don't you know it hurts me so bad Oh! I can't hardly stand it That's when I was thinking of coming home She called me up She called me - she called me - she called me on the telephone You know what she said to me? Baby, I'm soon to be wed Somebody will soon be sleeping in your bed Oh, don't you know it hurt me so bad This is what hurt me so bad If I had treated my baby right I would be sleeping in my own bed Oh yes I would now Oh baby, let me call you one time Baby! why don't you take me back there Baby, baby, baby [FADE]


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