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by Helena Ferguson
Lyrics by: Bill Frazier
# Debut Chart
90 Nov '67 Hot 100


Somebody tell me Where... where is the party I... I want to go And try to exchange The trouble, trouble, trouble of mine And leave the pleasant memory of him far behind

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Tell me (where is the party - I want to know) Where is the party Tonight, tonight, uhhh I'm gonna be a star It'll take me long to get dressed Hmmm, you know I want to look my very best So I'm gettin' dressed every time That the room spins around (Where is the party) Where - where is the party There used to be so much joy Hmm, instead ??????? We had so much love then And now - now - now it's all gone So tell me (Where is the party) Where (I want to know) Where is the party (Where is the party) (I want to go) Oohhh, I've got to find a way Hmmm, to please my baby If I've got to stay all night And dance ?????? Where (Where is the party) Where is the party? (I want to know) Tell me, where, where is the party (I want to know) [FADE]


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