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# Debut Chart
70 Oct '67 Hot 100


Ahhh, it's a hurtin' thing When love changes directions The one you love Loses affection The pain in your heart You just can't take You mess with someone Who gave a heartbreak [CHORUS] What happened to love? Sweet, sweet love Kissin' and a-huggin' Everybody needs love What can heal my heart With its strokin'? Sweet, sweet lovin' I ain't jokin' now

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[VERSE] (Sweet, sweet lovin' baby) (Sweet, sweet lovin' baby) (Sweet, sweet lovin' baby) It's wonderful You got love and devotion The kind that sets the bar ??? in motion That certain someone Who understands To keep the vows of love That you plant [repeat CHORUS] [repeat VERSE] [repeat CHORUS] [repeat VERSE] Yeah! We need love! We need love! [repeat VERSE] [FADE]


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