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Lyrics by: John Stevenson
# Debut Chart
72 Sep '67 Hot 100


(Hey hey hey) [CHORUS] Stranded in the middle of noplace Doin' nothing Goin' nowhere Ha, a nowhere man

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Looks like the lamb Has gone off astray I don't know where I am I just can't find my way ?????? ?????? Afraid and alone I'm so sick of this emptiness I ????????? home Instead of... [repeat CHORUS] ??????????????? The love I thought that we enjoyed But that we destroyed No I live in a total bore [repeat CHORUS] Growing my mind (Growing my mind) Seeking to know (Seeking to know) Trying to find out which way should I go I keep searching my soul Looking for life (Looking for life) Once your love was my only goal Now it's out of sight I've been [repeat CHORUS 2x] [FADE]


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