Music Service


by Jerryo
Lyrics by: Sam Kaplan, Jerry Murray
# Debut Chart
51 Sep '67 Hot 100


Ow! Ahhh, sock it to me! C'mon y'all. Let's ball!

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Whooo, wee! Sock it to me, baby! Hey, hey! What I say? Awww, don't shout, Work it on out. C'mon girls, Kick it! Up in here. Whooooo, weee! Ewww wow, wow. Beat, chewy, now, Watch it karate style, Up in here! Awww, this ???????????? Woooo weee! Play this music, man. Awwww, you're about to ????? You can't shake loose, I bet ya, Ha ha ha. Man! Papa shoes! Sounds so nice, Play it twice. Up, here! [interlude] Pop-pop, shoop-ba-lop, pop-pop, doo-bop. Everybody's either karate, doo-dop. Man, man! Let's see here, C'mon girls! Woooo wee! Watch it now, Ha! Ha! Solid! Push it! Kick it! Ow! [fade]


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