Music Service


by Joe Tex
Lyrics by: Joe Tex
# Debut Chart
63 Aug '67 Hot 100


You and have come a long way together Haven't we baby? Heh, I remember when times were bad You stood right by me Didn't you darling? Oh, and I love you for that

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But I don't want your little heart to Want for a thing Because if I've only got one life to live Like they say Then I wanna spend that one life Taking care of you Because baby, I'm a true believer In an old saying that I heard a lady say one time As I was travelin' through the world somewhere I don't remember where it was But I remember this old lady sittin' on her front porch lookin' at her hands That the years had wrinkled and twisted And as she looked at her hands She looked back up at me and she said She said, "Son, a woman's hands, huh Just weren't made to work hard All the time. can't you see that?" I know a lot of men are gonna be made at me for sayin' that But I got to say it again I said, A woman's hands Just weren't made to work hard All the time Here's what they were made for They were made to rub a mans head Make her man some bread Fix him a good cup of coffee And put his children to bed And that's what A woman's hands were made for Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah You think that's something? Listen to this A woman's love Wasn't made to worry All the time And the quicker the men realize that The better off the world's gonna be Listen to me I said, a woman's mind Wasn't made to worry All the time Listen, it was made to pick up Cuddle little things to do to survive her man And try to keep him smiling As long as she can That's what a woman's mind Was made for Ah that's what a woman's mind was made for


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