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Lyrics by: Spooner Oldham, Dan Penn
# Debut Chart
49 Jul '67 Hot 100
11 Jul '67 R&B


Some folks think I'm a millionaire But they don't really know All the bills, the burdens And problems I bear But only you alone You're the one that's Given me the courage and Strength to go on and on And for you, I sing this song

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My pockets ain't filled with money The old car I drive runs funny And I don't have much to offer A sweet fine girl like you But here's my heart, please take it You see, I need your love If I'm gonna make it Come on, take me Oh, darling, take me Take me, take me as I am Just as I am Now listen to this Wilson Pickett found himself Someone to love, Joe Tex did too And Otis Redding said I've tried and I've tried He found someone to love But I believe there's different Strokes for different folks And if you give your woman What she wants when she wants it How she wants it, where she wants it And everytime you think she wants it You won't ever have to Worry about anything And that's why, darling, to you I can stretch out my arms Baby, I'm yours and yours alone (Take me) take me, take me (Take me) right now, right now Just as I am, you got it, baby I'm all yours, come on Let me hear you say yeah (yeah) Everybody, clap your hands one time (Yeah, yeah, yeah) feel alright Oh. my, my, my, my, my Makes you wanna moan a little bit


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