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97 Jun '67 Hot 100


Baby we're the jokers Livin' for fun in the glare of the sun Though we're out of focus It's easy to see that we're happy to be as we are We're laughin' all the time And laughin's not a crime So while we're in the prime of our lives Every day's a pantomime Tell them we're the jokers Isn't it sad when the people get mad Tryin' to provoke us To follow the rules of society's fools And they say it's time to make amends On you the world depends Ignore it all my friends While you can, burn the candle at both ends All too soon the time will come For us to own up that we've grown up So let's go wild and beat the drums And have our fun while we are young Baby we're the jokers Wearin' the crowns as the king of the clowns Everywhere we go 'cause We're livin' for fun and chasin' the sun

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'Cause we know that once they leave the pack The jokers can't go back They stepped across the track And their place will be taken by the Jack Baby we're the jokers Baby we're the jokers Baby we're the jokers Baby we're the jokers Baby we're the jokers


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