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# Debut Chart
65 Jun '67 Hot 100


Oh what a day to take a ride, my baby's by my side Top down, beach bound Music on the radio that makes you wanna go Sky high, my guy Picks me up and makes my world aglow You oughta know [VERSE 1] Sandy, summer and Sandy No rainy days (no rainy days) All summer long Coming on strong with

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[VERSE 2] Sandy, summer and Sandy Breaking away (breaking away) Grooving along With summer and Sandy (Sandy, Sandy, Sandy) Salty air and harbor lights and lazy summer nights Boardwalk, small talk And gazing into Sandy's eyes and stars up in the skies My love, I love Everything about him that I see And he loves me [repeat VERSE 1] [repeat VERSE 2] Oohhh, oh baby, ooohh Sandy, I love him, I love him Sandy, oooh I love him, I love him [FADE]


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