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# Debut Chart
96 Apr '67 Hot 100


Aww take me in your arms Never let me go ?????? While the moon is low And hold me close and tell me Just what I want to know Say it to me gently While I let that sweet talk flow And come on and get closer Make love to me, yeah yeah

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Ohh-ohh, kiss me when ???? late at night (Alright) Take me in your lovin' arms and squeeze me tight (You got ??? mama) Put me in the mood so I can dream all night Everybody's sleeping in ???? quite alright I'm going to come a little closer And make love to you Awww baby, listen to me When your lips move ????? ????? Now that's fine Now you listen Ooh don't you know That I love you so I won't be happy unless you're mine Listen to me Ruby When you're in my arms You get a little ??????? Now everything about ya Is so God-darn sweet Every time we kiss You make my life complete Awww, baby now, baby now You make me ????? a beat So now it's time to tell you To make love to me Ohh-ohh when I'm in your arms You skip my heart a beat Everything about you is so God-darn sweet Now it's time to tell you To make love to me Awww come on baby, make love to me You know I need lovin' Listen to me [FADE]


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