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# Debut Chart
97 Apr '67 Hot 100


Used to be a ???? But ain't no more Got a hit record now Pockets full of dough Got some new clothes too And good shoes ?????? Penthouse apartment ????????????????

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[CHORUS] And on my finger, a diamond ring Two chicks on each arm and bud I'm ready to swing Yes, I'm ready to make a little love (Make a little love) Yeah, make a little love (Make a little love) ???????? Me ???? now But I can dance ???? I ???? too Ain't no cuffs in my pants Gotta keep a fifty dollar ????? My ??? is straight and simple Got a new manicure and facial Skin just soft as buttermilk And look it: [repeat CHORUS] I feel so good Right here in my pocket Man I'm ready Yeah, let's make a little love You ready babe? eh? [repeat CHORUS] [FADE]


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