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# Debut Chart
5 Sep '67 Hot 100


MARVIN: Every day there's something new Honey, to keep me lovin' you And with every passin' minute Ah baby, so much joy wrapped up in it

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[CHORUS] TAMMI: Heaven must have sent you from above BOTH: Wo, heaven must have sent your precious love T: And I, I've got a song to sing Tellin' the world about the joy you bring And you gave me a reason for livin' And ooo, you taught me, you taught me the meaning of givin' M: To find a love like ours is rare these days 'Cause you've shown me happiness, yes, in so many ways T: I look in the mirror, and I'm glad to see Laughter in the eyes where tears used to be M: What you've given me I could never return 'Cause there's so much, girl, I have yet to learn T: And I wanna show, I wanna show my appreciation 'Cause when I found you, I found a new inspiration


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