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Lyrics by: Chip Taylor
# Debut Chart
20 Jan '67 Hot 100


(DIRECTOR: Alright Senator, remember on this record remember, we're trying to answer Senator McKinley's hit record... and, uh, George do you have a word here?) (GEORGE: Alright Senator, this one's for the Democrats, so let's really hear it.) (SENATOR BOBBY: Alright, I think I'm about as ready as I'm ever gonna be) (DIRECTOR: Alright, stand by... this is Wild Thing... take 72... Senator...)

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Wild thing, you make my, ah, my heart sing You make, ah, everything... groovy.. wild thing Wild thing, ah, I think I love you But I ah, but I wanna know for sure Ah.. come on and ah hold me tight I love you, yes (SENATOR BOBBY: How's that guys.. is that about it?) (DIRECTOR: It's pretty close, Senator, a little less stuttering please, alright? A little more of a liberal interpretation, Senator, can you do that? And watch the pronunciation of the word 'heart') Wild thing (that's perfect, Senator, lay it on 'em now) Ah, you make my heart sing (Ahh, it's really coming along now, Senator) You make everything groovy, yes Wild thing (SENATOR BOBBY: Alright, ah, Teddy on the ocarina, let's go. Tempo, Teddy, tempo.) (DIRECTOR: Senator, we're gonna have to get these kids out of the studio.) (SENATOR BOBBY: I'm sorry. Ethel, do you wanna... the kids are stepping on the musicians. Ethel, get them out the recording studio now, I think, yeah. Eunice, a little more tempo there please.) (DIRECTOR: Senator, do you feel comfortable now?) (SENATOR BOBBY: I certainly do, yes.) (DIRECTOR: Okay, just stand by, we're coming up to you now) Wild thing, I think you move me (that's beautiful, Senator, the kids'll love it) But I wanna know for sure (that's it... bear down) Ah, come on and hold me tight (a little more Boston soul, Senator) Ah, you move me, yes (DIRECTOR: Alright Senator now, let's get a big finish here now. Would you get the group going?) (SENATOR BOBBY: The whole family now.. you want us?) (DIRECTOR: Get them... Here comes the good stuff, Senator, so really get into it... think of the words... here it comes... standby... ready... and...) Oh come on wild thing (Not so ruthless, Senator) Ah, you make my heart sing (That's it, snap your fingers, Senator) Alright, come back to New York wild thing Ah, press ahead, wild thing Think young, wild thing


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