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26 May '67 Hot 100


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Tramp. What cha call me? Tramp. Oh you didn't! You don't wear continental clothes or Stetson hats. But I'll tell ya one doggone thing. It makes me feel good to know one thing. I know... I'm a lover! Matter of opinion, baby. Huh? That's alright, mama was. So? Papa too. Hmmmm. And I know this job, lovin's all I know to do. Ya know what, Otis? What? You're country! That's alright. You're straight from the Georgia woods.That's good. Ya know what? You wear overalls, big ole broke iron shoes and ya need a haircut, tramp.Haircut!!! Woman, you goofy. Ooooo... whaaaa I'm a lover. Yeah, huh. Mama was, right mama? Papa too. Ahhh that's alright. But, I'm the only son of a gun. Oh yeah? This side of town. Tramp??? That's right, that's what ya are. Oh baby, rat cat like that. You're a rat and a tramp! You know, Otis, I don't care what ya say you're Still a tramp. What? That's right. You haven't even got a Fat bank roll in your pocket. You probably haven't even got twenty five cents. I got six Cadallacs, Five Lincolns, Four Fords, Six Mercurys, Three T-Birds, Mustang, Ohhh woman, I'm a lover. Huh, can't prove it by me. My mama was, my papa too. I'm gonna tell ya one thing. So tell me. I'm the only son of a gun, yeah, This side of the sun, alright. You're a tramp, Otis, I don't care What you say, you're still a tramp. Don't call me that. Look here, you ain't got no money. I got everythin'. You can't buy me all those minks and sables and all that stuff I want. I can buy you minks, rats, frogs, squirrel, rabbit, anything you want, woman. Look you can go out in the Georgia woods and catch them, baby. Aaahhh, woman, you just goofy. Oh you still a tramp, a tramp. That's alright. A tramp, Otis, you just a tramp. You wear overalls and ya need a haircut... OHuh? A haircut?


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