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# Debut Chart
13 Sep '67 Hot 100


Love, love is strange Oh, yeah, lots of people Take it for a game Alright

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Once you get it You never, you never Wanna quit, oh, no After you`ve had it You`re in an awful fix Alright Many people don`t Understand, oh, no They think loving Is money in the hand Oh, yeah Your sweet loving Is better than A kiss, uh huh When you leave me Sweet kisses I miss Peaches Yes, Herbie I want to know how do You call your lover boy I say, come here, lover boy And if he doesn`t answer Come here, lover boy And if he still doesn`t answer Well, I simply say Daddy, oh, daddy My sweet daddy You`re talking to me, I know You`re the one I got to hear you there Herbie Yes, Peaches How do you call Your lover girl Well, I say Hey, lover girl And if she doesn`t answer I say, hey, lover girl I know she doesn`t answer then So what do you say Oh, yeah, baby, yeah My sweet baby Come on, come on over, baby You`re the one, alright Baby, oh, oh, baby My sweet baby You`re the one


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