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Lyrics by: Larry Kingston
# Debut Chart
10 Jul '70 Country


I just pulled out of Minneapolis and I aimed my headlights south Got the taste of cherry lipstick still a clinging to my mouth She begged me not to leave her and she cried till I nearly stayed But I glanced at that old roadmap and she just didn't make the grade There wasn't nothing wrong with her lovin' She just ain't got what they got down in Biloxi I got a doll in Pascadola I got a jewel in Gulf Port And both of them more warm blooded that any woman I've made up north And it's a cajun queen in Creole she must be six feet tall When she starts lovin' now you just gonna climb up the wall Ain't nothin' against the other states they just ain't got what they got down in Biloxi

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When I reach the city limits I'm gonna stop upon the bluff Nonchalantly get naked and go swimming in the gulf Wash the north all off of me when I feel like it's done I'm gonna crawl up on a rock and soak up all that southern sun The sun shines in Minnesota but it don't shine like it do down in Biloxi Then I'm going to missing persons I'm gonna turn my body in And beg the police to shoot me if I try to leave again Cause friend I've been all over and even looking at it from the worst It's still stands out as bein' about the finest place on earth I think a chunk of heaven must have fell down on the spot they call Biloxi Yeah this old country boy's goin' home to Biloxi


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