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# Debut Chart
83 Nov '66 Hot 100
46 Nov '66 R&B


Walking through the dark all alone Amongst the walls of stone I found a hole I found a place where I can go Where I can hide from the cold In a corner in the sun A corner in the sun When those heavy days get me down And there ain't no sun around But I run to you I run to you Where the pain of the day Goes away Because you're my corner Oh, my corner in the sun My corner in the sun

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Well I'm the kinda guy that needs a lot of love A lot of care But I ain't that kinda guy Who gets love any old where I need just one love Who will always be there Though my world might explode I can still have a hold Of my corner - of my corner in the sun My corner!... ... In the sun! Woah-oh, woah-oh [FADE]


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