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Lyrics by: Ray Stevens
# Debut Chart
91 Jul '66 Hot 100


Well, they got a tight little unit You know they`re the most Famous all over from coast to coast Really layin` down the sound as much as you can stand...hey, hey

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They got three outfits; red, yellow and blue; Volks wagon, station wagon, luggage carrier too; Got their name painted on the side you know it looks so grand I`m talking `bout Freddie Feelgood And his funky little 5-piece band, oh yeah... Recitation They got a drummer named Yum Yum He can really go some Blows real cool, make all the girls drool (drum solo) They got a cat named ace He plays the base (Bass solo) They got a fellow named Tyrone He plays the trombone (Trombone solo) Cat named Percy Have mercy He plays piano in the treble cleft (Piano solo) And the trumpet man He`s the leader of the band Here`s Freddie Feelgood hisself (Trumpet solo) Well, they`re packin` em in ev`ry place they go Ev`rybody starts to rockin` on the dance hall floor Stompin` their feet to the rhythm and clappin` their hands...hey, hey


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