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# Debut Chart
66 May '66 Hot 100


If your baby lives away across town (Away across town) And the hustle and bustle of life Keeps getting you down (Keeps getting you down) [CHORUS] Just take some time out (Take some time out baby) Ahhh take some time out (Take some time out baby) Yeah no matter what you're doin', yeah yeah Take some time out for love Hoo! hoo! hoo! hoo!

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If your hands are tied And you just can't get them free 'Cause your old folks boss Won't show you no sympathy [repeat CHORUS] Baby I want you (Take some time out) Baby I need you Hoo! hoo! hoo! hoo! Now you know your baby loves you You don't have to worry (You don't have to worry) Just dial the telephone And baby come running in a hurry (Come running in a hurry) [repeat CHORUS 3x] [FADE]


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