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Lyrics by: Smokey Robinson
# Debut Chart
48 Apr '66 Hot 100


A closet full of glad rags All tucked away in a bed that`s swank 2 sedans & the latest sports car Plus a lot of money in the bank Baby, just give me you in a love affair made for 2 Don`t make no mistake about which one I would take

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CHORUS: You`re the one (you`re the one) You`re the one (you`re the one) You`re the one (you`re the one) The only one (the only one) An all-expense-paid trip around the world To see the sights I`ve read about To travel `round the world for `most any girl Would be a guess beyond a doubt But if I had to choose between the trip & you There would be only one thing that I could do I don`t have to come out & say my choice You can tell by the sound of my voice that... (chorus) (instrumental) To go to parties & to dances & to be the belle of every ball To have the guys line up for chances Beggin` me to dance with one & all Now give me just your romance You don`t even have to know how to dance I don`t need those other guys You can tell by the look in my eyes that... (repeat chorus & fade)


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