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66 Feb '66 Hot 100


I don`t know who he is behind that mask But we need him, & we need him now He`s known as Bruce Wayne by day, wealthy socialite (Gotham City, here they come) But incognito in dress, he fights crime by night (Gotham City, here they come) Yeah it`s Batman & Robin, Boy Wonder at his side Hey now, Riddler, Penguin, Joker, better go & hide [sounds of villainous laughter]

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We need the Batman (Batman) We need the Batman (Batman) Criminals are a superstitious, cowardly lot So my disguise must be able To strike terror into their hearts Now as the Bat Signal sweeps across the midnight sky (Gotham City, here they come) Somewhere in Gotham City it`ll find the Batman`s eye (Gotham City, here they come) There`s a crime wave goin` on, but not for very long `Cause the Batman`s gonna teach `em right from wrong They call him Batman (Batman) They call him Batman (Batman) Did you see that strange car (no, why?) It was shaped like a bat [sound of Batmobile passing by] So when you see the Batmobile quickly pass you by (Gotham City, here they come) You know they`ve heard the Batphone & the Commissioner`s cry (Gotham City, here they come) Yeah that Dynamic Duo`s out to prove crime doesn`t pay And from the Batcave our heroes keep evil at bay We need the Batman (Batman) We need the Batman (Batman) I must be a creature of the night [Spoken]: Black, terrible! [sounds of bat`s call & flapping wings] As if in answer a huge bat flies in the open window! A bat, that`s it, it`s an omen; I shall become a bat! Thus is born this weird figure of the dark, this avenger of evil, the Batman! Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman [sound of Batmobile passing by - Fade out]


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