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Lyrics by: Carl Davis, Gerald Sims
# Debut Chart
51 Feb '66 Hot 100


dear lover its been a long long time

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so i`m writing this letter to find out if your still mine oh i miss you so much and i wish i can see you some how let no others take your heart while your apart from me please be faithfull please be true I`LL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU dear lover i wonder do you fell the same way too does this felling in your heart as strong as the love i have for you ohh you must belive me when i say i never love this way ohh i`ll be yours till the end of time IF THERE FOREVER AND A DAY IF THRERS FOREVER AND A DAY ohh dear lover if you would just answer my letter a few words from you could make me feel so much better yeahhh (dear lover)ooh i need ya (dear lover) aim to please ya (dear lover)if you would just answer my letter (dear lover)it would make me fell so much better (dear lover) ooooh i love ya (dear lover)


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