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# Debut Chart
11 Oct '66 Hot 100


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calling your name, Peaches calling your name, Peaches In my lonely, lonely room, theres nothing left but the past I think of how, my love, you speak And why it didnt last, I think of how sweet all the love was all the good times we had I want you to come home, cause I feel so all alone And I feel so sad Calling out your name, Peaches, the whispers gettin louder Calling your name, Peaches Dont you hear, Peaches Dont you hear it, little baby? Every time I think about you I can hear you calling my name And every time Im all alone The whispers be come back again Dont you hear it, Peaches? Dont you hear it, little baby? The whispers gettin louder Whispers gettin louder Calling your name Hear it baby Calling to you Peaches, fades...... louder, baby.....


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