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# Debut Chart
39 Apr '66 Hot 100


Hey boys, gather 'round boys, the moneys right Go down to low town for me tonight Walk onto forty four and knock on that big black door Lay some money on that man And get the very best table you can Well, there's a soul bands wailing behind the beat, And they cook when you walk in There's a go-go girl yeah, She works it out, now. Look when the blue lights spin'. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Everybody knows To see her dance, now My Twinkle Toes. Twinkle Toes you move and you go, And you know you do it right. Up and down, now you dance around, now. You're look in good tonight, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on, come on now. Twinkle Toes, Dance on and on, now.

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Yeah, but Twinkle Toes, I know you're trying To hide your broken heart; You act so gay. Yeah, behind the smile, I know you're crying. Your big great lonely eyes Give you away. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey. Twinkle Toes, You know you must hang on, girl. Hang on tight; Don't let your feelings show. Twinkle Toes, You know you must dance on, girl. If you work it right, They'll never know. Twinkle Toes, It's tough to forget, But every things all right. Yeah, Twinkle Toes, Get set, 'cause I bet I take your home tonight, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, you're alright, now. Yeah, Twinkle Toes You're out of sight, now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Yeah, you're so fine, girl. Yeah, Twinkle Toes, You've hurt my mind, girl. Twinkle Toes, Come on, carry on, Now when the dance is through. You won't be lonely, You won't be blue tonight; I'll be with you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah Twinkle Toes...


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