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1966 - R&B
# Debut Chart
10 Jul '66 Hot 100
7 Aug '66 R&B


Brrr...chuck, chuck, yeah Summertime and the living is easy Fish are jumping Don't you know, my darling I said right now And the cotton is high

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Like-a, like-a, like-a Your daddy's rich, girl And your mommy's good-looking, yeah So hush, pretty little baby Don't you cry One of these, one of these One of these mornings, darling You're gonna rise You're gonna rise up singing Then you'll spread your Little wings, your little wings And take to the sky Brrr, until that morning, baby There's nothing gonna harm you, girl With Mommy and Daddy standing by, yeah Pretty little darling I said right now Don't let a tear, don't let A tear, don't let a tear Little darling, I said Fall from your eyes So hush, pretty baby Don't you, brrrrr... Little darling Do not let a tear Fall from your eye, whoa


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