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# Debut Chart
29 Feb '66 Hot 100


One more heartache I can't take it My heart is carrying such a heavy load One more ache would break it Just like a camel with a heavy pack One last straw I tell ya I said it broke the camel's back Aaah, aaaah I can't take it I can't stand it

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One more heartache It would turn me right around First you build my hopes up high And then let me down Like a house you built with toothpicks Stacked upon the kitchen table One last toothpick falling down The foundation was not able Aaah, aaaah I can't take it I can't take it Mmm, now, now baby One more heartache Would just seem too much load I'm fed up with the heartache One more and I'll explode Like a toy balloon that's filled With as much air as it can take One more cup of air And that balloon has got to break Aaah, aaah I can't take it I can't stand it It's so hard Without a love, without a love Oh baby, can't take another one


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