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# Debut Chart
17 Dec '66 Hot 100


Life lands a crushing blow And once again a heart is broken And as history repeats itself These few words are sadly spoken

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chorus Ive passed this way before And Ive felt this pain before A hurt that took so long to end Has found my poor heart again As I watch love walking away It brings back old memories A familiar pain still feels the same Once again heartache has found me A dark cloud covered my heart Oh, when she told me goodbye Now theres nothing left but emptiness And the tears that fill my crying eyes +chorus No matter how strong a man is Without love he walks in the dark If love deserts him It will surely hurt him Cause his weakness is his heart A lonely journey now stands before me The endless pain has started But this time I know the way Walking alone and brokenhearted Its so hard to face reality Knowing loneliness is my destiny chorus chorus


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