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1966 - Pop
Lyrics by: Tony Hatch, Jackie Trent
# Debut Chart
1 Jul '66 Adult Contemp
9 Jul '66 Hot 100


You're the only one That I rely on A shoulder there For me to cry on And the hours alone That I'm without you All I ever do is Think about you No one knows that You're so understanding Even though my love Is so demanding Everytime you look at me Then you'll know we'll both agree That no other love for me (CHORUS) I couldn't live without your love Now I know you're really mine I gotta have you all the time Didn't like you much When I first met you But somehow I couldn't Quite forget you Said you didn't Want a friend or lover That your life was Happy with another

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But as time went by My love grew stronger Knew that I just couldn't Wait any longer For I couldn't let you know When I have to tell you so That I love you then you know (CHORUS) Now the tears are gone And I'm not crying When you say you love me You're not lying So when people want to stare I know I don't really care Just as long as you are there (CHORUS) 2X


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