Music Service


1965 - Pop
Lyrics by: Tony Hatch
# Debut Chart
2 Dec '65 Adult Contemp
22 Jan '66 Hot 100


If you're feeling sad and lonely There's a service I can render Tell the one who loves you only I can be so warm and tender

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[CHORUS] Call me, don't be afraid You can call me Baby, it's late but just call me Tell me and I'll be around When it seems your friends desert you There's somebody thinking of you I'm the one who never hurt you Maybe that's because I love you [repeat CHORUS] Now don't forget me 'Cause if you let me I will always stay by you You've got to trust me That's how it must be There's so much that I can do [repeat CHORUS] If you call, I'll be right with you You and I should be together Take this love I long to give you I'll be at your side forever [repeat CHORUS]


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