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Lyrics by: Carmol Taylor
# Debut Chart
8 Jun '65 Country


[CHORUS] You're just as wild as a wildcat And you've got your claws in me Scratching at my poor old heart And slowly killing me I'd like to break your pretty neck But what good would it do You're gonna get the best of me Just like you always do

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Well, I said, when I first met you Now here's the one for me A girl that's different from the rest At least you seemed to be Oh, how I let you fool me With that sweet and tender smile But look how things have changed Since we went walking down the aisle [repeat CHORUS] I don't know what I'll do with you I just can't tame you down Every night we're in and out Of every bar in town Dancing, drinking, on the prowl This ain't the life for me Before I've finished one small drink You've had two or three [repeat CHORUS] Yes, you're gonna get the best of me You, little wildcat, you


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