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Lyrics by: Freddie Hart
# Debut Chart
3 Dec '65 Country


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Skid Row Joe last night that's who I found in the dirty part of town Lost forgotten with no place to go Tormented with a bitter taste outcast by the human race A mask of torture was the face of Skid Row Joe He walked up to where I stood on the street Said pardon me Mister now don't get me wrong I don't want your money Though heaven knows I could use it But you see this is my home and you see the other bar down the street Well that's my home too I noticed you starin' at me a while ago you recognized me didn't you I said yeah Joe I know who you are You was one time a real famous singing star one of my favorites He said well I guess you heard they took my babies away from me I said yeah Joe I read about it in the papers Then he turned his head away and I saw the tears fall in the place And he turned to me and he said you know Mister This is the only place in the world that I'm not ashamed to show my face But I'm gonna quit yes sir I'm gonna quit And I'm gonna cut my hair and shave and get me a clean white shirt Then I'm gonna walk up to her door When she answers I'm gonna stand up real proud and tall Then I'm gonna get on my knees Then I'll say sweetheart if you'll take me back I'll spend the rest of my life makin' up to you for what I've done I'm so ashamed of myself and this I want you to know Then I'm gonna take my two little babies and I'm gonna hold 'em so close to me I ain't gonna never let 'em go I guess I should've told him then that she'd already remarried again But after hearin' what he'd said to me Why there wasn't no way I could add to his misery So I said good luck my best to you Skid Row Joe


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