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9 Jun '65 Country


(Chorus) One filling station where nobody stops A general store and a barber shop We had a picture show, but it burned down And everybody call this a hicktown Everybody call this a hicktown The population changes when a new baby cries And it don't change again 'til somebody dies There's a train through at noon but it don't even slow down Just whistles when it passes this hicktown Can't wait to get through this hicktown Old Hubert tried to leave but he didn't get far He waited three days tryin' to thumb a car But the only one that passed, it likely run him down So he's back pickin' cotton in this hicktown Naw, he's never gonna leave this hicktown

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(Chorus) On saturday night, we all dress up fine Everybody stays up like 'til eight or nine We walk up the street and then walk back down That's saturday night in a hicktown Aaw, we really live it up, in a hicktown But it's kind of nice to know that if your crops are lean There's a neighbour to share his grits and beans And when you really need a friend, there's a friend around 'Cause that's how it is in a hicktown You bet, we take care of our own in a hicktown Well we got (Chorus) 2X


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