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# Debut Chart
68 Dec '65 Hot 100


I give you all I have, baby But when you leave my arms I know It's to another, you go A breaking my whole heart in two Well, baby, I'm telling you [CHORUS] It's all or nothing, baby It's all or nothing Nothing at all

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If you want my kisses, baby You better want them all the time 'Cause from now on you'll kiss no lips but mine 'Cause all your cheatin' days are through Can't take no more, I'm telling you [repeat CHORUS] Can't take this part-time loving Baby, baby, I need all your loving All or nothing Baby, it's all or nothing Nothing at all, yeah, alright All or nothing Baby, you give all or nothing Give it up, baby, alright I don't want you no more, alright [FADE]


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