Music Service


Lyrics by: Paul Evans, Paul Parnes
# Debut Chart
70 Nov '65 Hot 100


They say, "Look at the mess you're in." We say, Don't point your finger, it's your world That we're livin' in And in your world No one's safe at night It's a world full of fright and doom And bombs that go boom, boom, boom

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But... [CHORUS] In our world We're gonna build it strong Our world, we've learned from all you've done wrong Things will be better in our world They say, "Look at the dance you do." We say, Why should it bother you It's just fun It can't hurt anyone We've watched your dance Always end up a war dance We know treating your neighbor kind Is the answer for all mankind And... [repeat CHORUS] And when someone Someone at your side You can be what you want to be Take my hand Come along with me Into... [repeat CHORUS]


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