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93 Jul '65 Hot 100


(Watch out) (Ain't that love) ?????? If I could be your man Say, I'd swim a river wide Just to hold your hand I'd jump a mountain high To be by your side My heart aches (Ain't that love) Yeah, you know it (Feel the burn) Now watch out (Watch out, ain't that love)

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Now with me baby (????) [CHORUS] Now I can't think of nothin' That I wouldn't do Now if you said you wanted me too Say, even if it meant losin' my life A-honey, I'd try to prove it Yeah, and you'd better Now listen baby [VERSE] When you say that you're depending on me I feel as strong as a big oak tree And you know it for a natural fact Hey, ???? ???? I'd find a ???? [repeat CHORUS] [repeat VERSE] [repeat CHORUS] [SKAT]


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