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by The Astors
# Debut Chart
12 Jul '65 R&B
63 Jul '65 Hot 100


Gee, whiz Have you seen my girl Gee, whiz She's out of this world

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She's got lips so sweet Candy red Honey bees flying all Around her head Candy, Candy Ooh, wee She's got a heart so warm Ooh, wee She's like a lucky charm She's got eyes so bright Sky blue A voice so soft Just like a morning dew Candy, Candy She's just a lump of sugar And sweetened my tea And one of these days She's gonna marry me Gee, whiz She's got everything Gee, whiz She should be a queen She's got a loving heart Gold pure One of these days I'll make her mine I'm sure Candy, Candy Candy, Candy


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