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Lyrics by: Chris Kenner
# Debut Chart
55 Apr '65 Hot 100
10 May '65 R&B


Oh, something you got, baby (Something I've got, baby) You oughta know. baby (I wanna know, I wanna know) (Know, know)

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Something you got (What is it) Telling everyone I know (Go on and tell it Everywhere you go) Something you got Lord, have mercy You oughta know That's why I say my, my Oh, ho, I love it so Let me tell you something, Chuck Something you got, baby (Something I've got) Keeps me home every night (And you stay there every night) Something you got, baby (Tell me again) Makes me wanna feel alright (Alright, talk to me) Something you got, baby (Oh, have mercy) You oughta know I said my, my Oh, ho, I love it so Play it now Maxine (what Chuck) You know, you are too much (You finally got around To it at at last) yeah, baby You outta sight (You know, Chuck You ain't so bad yourself) Something you got You oughta know That's what I keep saying My, my, oh, ho My, my, oh, ho My, my, oh, ho So sweet, my, my......


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