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# Debut Chart
75 Apr '65 Hot 100
22 May '65 R&B


Since the day I lost you, girl I just can't face the world I can't help feeling kinda small I let you go one day But now I ain't ashamed to say That I need you I know that I need you For without your love I'm just no good at all I guess I lost my head I know I must have said A lot of things to make you cry I made myself a lonely man But now I've come to understand That I need you I tell you, I need you And I'm gonna keep repeating to you Till the day I die, oh I need you to confide in (Yes, I do) I need you to take pride in (Yes, I do)

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I need your shoulder to cry on (Yes, I do) You're all I got to rely on And that's why I need you Oh, baby, baby, baby Take me back again I couldn't admit it to you, baby But now I'm saying I need you I know that I need you


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