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1965 - Pop
Lyrics by: Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio
# Debut Chart
64 Apr '65 Hot 100


Ooh, ooh, ah.... Toy soldier

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[CHORUS] Toy soldier, poor boy Doesn't know he'll wind up Like a broken toy (Broken toy) (Like a broken toy) A lonely soldier Needs his girl But he's halfway Round the world If he knew the truth He'd hurt cause his Girl's become a flirt Round the town they say Poor soldier [repeat CHORUS] Oh, how he dreams Of his return and The coming home he earned All his dreaming Was a waste There's a new face In his place She ain't waiting For you, soldier Toy soldier, poor boy Gonna come home to Be broken like a toy (Broken toy) (Like a broken toy) Oooh... Toy soldier (Toy soldier)....


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