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Lyrics by: Merle Kilgore
# Debut Chart
72 Jan '65 Hot 100


There comes a time in every man's life When his troubles are too big to handle And no matter where I went When the load was just too heavy Everybody always turned to the biggest man of all

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[VERSE 1] Yes, you can talk To the man He's got time He'll understand He's got shoulders Big enough To cry on [VERSE 2] Tell all your troubles And take your time He's in no hurry He doesn't mind In matters not How bad you've been You can talk To the man If your troubles Seem too great His back is strong He'll gladly take The weight of your cares He's used to that Perhaps you've met him But let him down Don't be ashamed Come back around 'Cause you're always welcomed in To talk to the man [repeat VERSE 1] [repeat VERSE 2]


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