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Lyrics by: Roy Head
# Debut Chart
2 Sep '65 Hot 100


[SPOKEN] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha Yeah, my man Alright Hey!! Aw, you lookin' good baby!

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I wanna tell you a story Every man oughta know If you want a little lovin' You gotta start real slow She's gonna love you tonight now If you just treat her right now Aww, squeeze her real gentle Gotta make her feel good Tell her that you love her Like you know you should Cuz if you don't treat her right She won't love you tonight If you practice my method Just as hard as you can You're gonna get a reputation As a lovin' man now And you'll be glad every night That you treated her right [SPOKEN] Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Alright! Yeah, yeah! Hey! Every night! Alright! Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Oh, work it now one time! [screams] Singin' too much, baby, alright! Hey! Hey!


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